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I'm a photographer and videographer based in Alberta, Canada. I love capturing moments through my lens and offering my skills across Alberta. Whether you're getting married, expecting a baby, or just want to capture some beautiful memories, I'll be there to support you every step of the way.

With two studio locations, one in Edmonton and one in Whitecourt, I have a comfortable space where we can bring your vision to life. However, I understand that sometimes you might prefer a different location, and that's why I also offer mobile sessions. Wherever you are in Alberta, I'll come to you to create stunning photos and videos.

It all began with a big dream in my heart, and a camera in hand

My Story

I have always had a passion for photography, ever since I was a little girl. I remember being fascinated by a simple wind up disposable camera and eagerly taking pictures of everything around me. As I grew older,
my love for photography only intensified.

In high school, I had the opportunity to take a photography course, and
it was an eye-opening experience
. I learned about composition, lighting,
and how to capture moments that evoke emotions. It was then that I
realized photography was more than just a hobby for me - it was a way of expressing myself and capturing the world around me.

After graduating from high school, I knew I wanted to pursue photography further. I had the chance to work in a studio right away, assisting professional photographers and learning the ins and outs of the industry. It was a valuable experience that gave me a deeper understanding of photography as an art form.

Now, with over 10 years of experience behind me, I can confidently say that photography has become a part of who I am. It has allowed me to capture beautiful moments, tell stories, and connect with people in ways that words cannot. Every click of the shutter is a chance to freeze a moment in time and create something truly special.

Four years ago, I took a leap of faith and started my own photography business. It was a scary decision, but also one of the most rewarding. Being able to turn my passion into a profession and share my love for photography with others is a dream come true.

Photography has taught me to appreciate the little things, find beauty in unexpected places, and see the world from a different perspective. It has allowed me to capture moments of joy, love, and vulnerability, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I am grateful for the journey photography has taken me on, and I look forward to all the wonderful moments I have yet to capture. It has been an incredible ride, and I can't wait to see where photography leads me next.

Whether it's your dream wedding, the anticipation of a new arrival, or the precious early moments of your newborn, I am dedicated to capturing these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I pay attention to every detail, whether it's the lighting, the composition, or the emotions expressed in the photographs. My goal is to create timeless memories that you can cherish forever.

So, if you're looking for a photographer and videographer in Alberta who is passionate, dedicated, and ready to go the extra mile, look no further. I'm excited to work with you and help bring your vision to life. Let's start this unforgettable journey together!

About me

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honesty, compassion, grace, paitance

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Iced Peach green tea

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the cake

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lifelong friendships with clients

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Spending time with my kiddos

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